Environmental Due Diligence Reviews

A due diligence exercise is a wise and prudent measure to review potential development constraints prior to purchasing a property.

Just like a building inspection, an environmental due diligence review considers what forms of development may be feasible based on the type and extent of natural heritage features present. A due diligence study may identify a potential future need for an Environmental Impact Study or Natural Heritage Evaluations following purchase of the property.

By conducting a due diligence review, a prospective purchaser might save the disappointment of finding out that a dream home or cottage is not possible due to undisclosed or unknown environmental constraints.

Contact us to conduct a review of a potential land purchase or to review development options prior to purchasing a property.

We will review a property to identify features such as Species at Risk or other environmental features that may constrain a potential development.

We will provide you with a preliminary opinion to guide your purchase, in a timeline that supports your due diligence schedule.