Aster Environmental - Core Service Area Spotlight:

Bruce County

Bruce County is bordered by Lake Huron and encompasses a diverse landscape that includes agricultural areas, forests, and coastal regions. The county supports over 800 kilometers of shoreline, offering picturesque beaches, cliffs, and dunes, as well as the world-famous Bruce Peninsula, characterized by rugged limestone cliffs, caves, and clear blue waters. Development within Bruce County is largely limited to sparse rural activities, and intensification of small settlement areas, such as the Township of Saugeen Shores.

Due to the abundance of natural features found within Bruce County, development applications frequently require submission of an environmental impact study, natural heritage evaluation, and/or Species at Risk assessment. Aster Environmental has the expertise to complete these technical reports at a fair and competitive rate. Aster staff are closely familiar with the unique environmental constraints found throughout Bruce County. Contact us to assist you in preparing technical studies to support your application.